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Epson SureLab D830

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Professional inkjet photo printing machine

Photo printing and upgrade, more size applications

  • The first output takes only 17 seconds, which is 36% more efficient than the previous generation.
  • Print 360 4″x6″ photos per hour
  • Second-generation nozzles, double the durability of the product, significantly reducing maintenance costs
  • Web eject button, paper one button replacement
  • Support paper width 3.5″ (89mm)-A4; length 50mm-1000mm

Product Information

High production capacity adds operational power

The SL-D830’s first output takes only 17 seconds and prints 360 4″ x 6″ photos per hour.

Compared with the previous generation model, the SL-D700 has a 36% improvement in efficiency, which is 6% more efficient than its brand.

Multi-paper and size applications, service opportunities more yuan

Suitable for glossy photographic paper, cloth photographic paper, art paper, etc. Compared with thermal induction models, it can only support preset paper materials. SL-D830 paper has more applications, and also offers a variety of output size options to support paper size. Width 3.5″ (89mm) ~ A4, length 50mm ~ 1000mm. To meet the various needs of customers, coupled with high-quality 1440 * 720 dpi image output, let you win the trust of customers.

Simple operation of machine replacement

The DS-830 is simple in design and requires no complicated operation instructions. It is easy and labor-saving to replace ink and paper. Even users who do not use the printer often can easily get started. Compared with the previous generation models, the procedure for replacing consumables is shortened, making the work more efficient.

With OrderController 3.0 photo processing software

The newly upgraded OrderController 3.0 photo processing software allows you to effectively manage order and photo output color settings. You can edit the color tone and modify the photo brightness at any time according to customer needs, and add service standards to win customer reputation.

The new version of the software supports large image output machine 64″ paper, and supports printing work distribution, a print job, multiple requirements, can be distributed to multiple printers to print, to provide you with faster work efficiency.